Oklahoma City Spanish School

Welcome to the Oklahoma City Spanish School. We build your skills in learning and teaching Spanish.

The Spanish School in Oklahoma City is here to help local adults develop their Spanish-language skills and enjoy the benefits of bilingualism. Regardless of your level of experience, our online Spanish program is an easy-to-follow, convenient way to achieve your language related goals. Residents of Oklahoma City, The Paseo, Mayfair, Belle Isle, Stockyards City, and Quail Springs now have the resources available to effectively learn the Spanish language.

Alongside our online language program, we may be coming to local schools, recreation halls, and libraries to offer Spanish classes. Hopefully we will be able to open a dedicated, on-site Spanish-instruction location soon in Oklahoma City.

Do you live in Oklahoma City, and want to learn Spanish? Why do you think developing bilingual skills is important? What skills would like our program to provide you with upon completion? Share your thoughts with us by filling out the feedback form on the right of the page.

As a Spanish teacher, tutor, or translator, why do you feel it is important for the community of Oklahoma City to become better Spanish-speakers? How do you think our program might be able to involve the community during the process? If you’ve got suggestions, fill out the form at the right of the page.